Charlie grew up on an ice cream farm in South West Wales where the ice cream grows on trees and everyone does their best to not be lactose intolerent. It was here that the stick of ice cream dreams was duly planted.
— Sometime in the distant past...
Lick Me I’m Delcious is born in March 2011! We designed the logo ourselves, I know right? You probably thought it was a Picasso.
— March 2011
We get invited onto BBC news to demonstrate our Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream machine prototype. In the rehersal a strawberry shoots out of the machine and hits a camera man square between the eyes. To everyone’s surprise the live show goes without a hitch.
— June 2011
Our first ever event! A very beautiful swanky party where we make hundreds of instant ice creams and go to bed knackered but happy.
— September 2011
The World’s first Nitro Parlour is born. What a beautiful beast. Using our proprietary liquid nitrogen injection system we can make instant ice cream for up to 150 people an hour. Wowza trouser.

— January 2012
We get stuck into events. LOTS of events, including our first superstar A-lister and the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony, holy highjumps.
— 2012/2013
Charlie invents the World’s first glow in the dark ice cream using synthesised jellyfish bioluminescence and talks to various baffled news reporters about it.
— October 2013
After months of hard graft, we launch our Nitro Ice Cream Buggy, still one of the coolest machines we’ve ever created. It can make ice cream for up to 150 people an hour AND it has a horn.
— Dec 2013
Our latest invention the Edible Mist Orbs create a media storm as we start treating people to zero calorie mist desserts at our events.
— May 2014
We expand our services into brand activations and exhibitions, taking on multiday sporting events, international conferences and our first Wimbledon activation.
— June 2014
The workshop has been flat out as we add two more inventions to our range; the 60mph Floss Whizzer and the delicious Logopop maker.
— May 2015
Rhys reveals he might be ever so slightly lactose intolerent.
— September 2015
Our team of event ninjas grows and we start executing large scale corporate events, exhibitions and activations, busy times, lots of late night snacks are eaten.
— 2015/2016
Charlie embarks on a mini TV career, making ice cream for Jamie & Jimmy, Levitating cocktails for the Gadget Man and spinning ice cream pottery for Gino and Mel. Oh and he makes soup in a washing machine. No we have no idea why either.
— June 2016
We launch four new machines, the Nitro Pods, the Chocolate Tap, the Edible Fragrance Factory and the Caramel Popcorn Exploder. Wham Bam Wallop.
— October 2016
We hit the big milestone, 150 events in a year. And what a year! We expand across the sea into Europe and all drinks lots of coffee.
— 2016/2017


Someone we never met before decides to tattoo our logo onto her body. Yes. Really. No we couldn’t believe it either.
— January 2017
We smash out four new machines from our workshop, the Everlasting Tipsy Fountain, Alcoholic Brain Freezer, Nitro Shaker Maker and the quite wonderful Edible Bubble Volcano.
— May 2017
Over 250 events in a year, this coffee is good stuff. What a whopper! Activations, Corporate bashes, Exhibitions, crazy parties and everything in between.
— 2018/2019