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Perfume that you can sniff and lick

From the creative heights of our flavour laboratory we bring you the Edible Fragrance Factory.  Enter our our perfumers' secret world and choose from our selection of hand crafted edible scents to spray, sniff and lick.  Will you leave in a cloudburst of cool mint, pure nectar or pickled onion? There's only one way to find out.

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If you want a really fun interactive element for your event, then this is the machine. Fun, experimental and delicious, this is a brilliant one for awards evenings and gala dinners.

Smell and taste delicious

Our fragrances can be sprayed onto the skin for a lasting delicious aroma, or just directly in the mouth if you're dying for some eau de' pina colada. Go on, smell like a melted toffee.



Covers per hour - 100 | Can be branded - Yes | Flavours - 16 per machine


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