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Edible bubbles that you catch in your mouth

Ok, we're pretty darn excited about this one.  Straight out of the World of Willy Wonka, our wondrous machine creates a cascading volcano of edible bubbles for you to bite right out of the air.

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This machine provides a wonderful centrepiece for your event and is an instant crowd grabber. Great for entertaining a crowd and perfect for those picture moments.

From milk chocolate to bubblegum, these bubbles are delicious

We have a fantastic range of flavours for you to choose from for your event, everything from mint choc chip to banoffee pie. And did we mention they can also be alcoholic? If that’s not enough, don’t forget you can use our flavour development service to create an entirely new flavour out of anything in the world.



Covers per hour - 150++ | Can be branded - Yes | Flavours - 1 per machine


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