• We work on a first come first served basis so we aren’t able to reserve or hold our machines.


  • Bookings are considered confirmed through written confirmation. If you'd prefer to confirm your event verbally, please follow up with written confirmation.


  • Any cancellations after an event has been confirmed will be subject to a charge, as follows:
    Within 48 hours of event - 100% of the cancelled contraption/s.
    Between 1 week and 48 hours of the event - 50% of the cancelled contraption/s.
    Between 4 weeks and 1 week of the event - 25% of the cancelled contraption/s.
    Outside of 4 weeks - £150 per contraption booked.


  • We will always aim to arrive two hours before your event starts. Depending on location and contraptions, we may need less time than this. If you require us to arrive earlier than two hours pre-event, that should not be a problem but you may incur an early load in charge.

  • At the end of our service time we will require around 30 minutes to pack down and we would ask to load out immediately after. If you require us to wait until the end of your event, again this isn't an issue but you may incur a late load out fee.


  • Our standard uniform is black shoes, black trousers, a black t-shirt and a Lick Me I'm Delicious apron. Female staff will wear bowler hats and male staff will wear top hats. For some example images click here.

  • We are more than happy for you to give us branded clothing to wear, just let us know before the event.

  • For events where you'd prefer us to be unbranded, our team will use plain aprons during the event however please note that we will arrive in LMID uniform so that we are easily recognisable to you.


  • Where accommodation is requested from you, we'd ask for a hotel (3* International standard minimum) within 15 minutes of the event venue, including breakfast. Staff members should be provided with their own room.


  • If you are a new client our payment terms are full payment upfront.

  • If you are an existing client our payment terms are within 15 days of the event.

  • Payment is by BACS, cheque or credit/debit card. If paying by credit or debit card, the link to our secure payment page will be on your invoice and will incur a fee of 1.4%.

  • Late payment will incur interest added at the national rate from the invoice due date.


ADDITIONAL COSTS (where applicable)

Early load in fee
Late load out fee
Post midnight fee
Previous day load in fee
Next day load out fee
Extended break fee (2 hours or longer)