Wham Bang Whizz Whap we like inventing new machines. Every year we try and create 4 new machines from scratch to add to our ever-growing range of wonderful contraptions. We also have a lesser stream of over 30 ideas that we’re constantly developing and refining to add to our build list. If you have a new build requirement or a brief that isn’t matched by our current range of machines, it’s always worth getting in touch to see if we have something in the pipeline that might meet your demands.

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Coming Soon

When our new builds are getting close to hatching, we’ll put a sneeky sneek preview here;

19. IcePop_Contraptions Titled.jpg


Originally created for The Championships, Wimbledon 2019, this little beauty makes instant liquid nitrogen ice pops. and yes, of course they can be alcoholic. Stunning refreshing little slices of frozen wonder, your guests are going to be eating tons of these. We’re just getting the machine ready for mass launch, and then it will be good to go!