Flavour Development


You want to eat your brand in bubbles? Create a roast chicken ice cream? No problem - we offer a complete flavour development service across all of our machines allowing us to create complete besoke flavours no matter how complex your request. Just let our bookings team know if you’re interested in using any of these services.



BRAND Flavour Matching

Our Flavour Development service allows us to create bespoke flavours across all our of machines to match your brand’s flavour profile and provide an immersive experience around your product.

We have created hundreds of custom flavours over the years, our process will often start with using your base product to keep the replication as true as possible. Where required we then use high quality essences to enhance key notes to create an accurate portrayal of your brand.



Colour Matching

Many of our machines feature RGB LED lights which can be programmed on the day of your event to match your brand or event theme colours.

In addition to this we are able to colour the product on some of our machines so you can enjoy a bright green nitro ice cream or a purple candyfloss.



Event Flavour Themes

From BBQ beef edible mist to brussel sprout nitro ice cream, we have created some weird and (arguably) wonderful flavours over the years. If you have a particular theme for your event and you’d like to use our Flavour Development service to create a bespoke set of flavours for your event, just get in touch.

Whether it’s a set of Caribbean nitro creams, a set of takeaway flavoured edible mists, a superfood brainfreeze cocktail, or a range of space inspired edible fragrances, we can create the flavours of your dreams.