Charlie grew up on an ice cream farm in South Wales and has a long history of inventing weird and wonderful machines that go bing and bosh and blip.  He set up Lick Me I'm Delicious in 2011 building the first nitro parlour in his living room, then he built the nitro buggy, then the edible mist orbs, then a corby trouser press toasty maker, floss whizzers, electric tea cups and all sorts of bits and pieces. He's happiest when holding a screwdriver and a fork.  

Charlie has also worked on some TV shows, gives talks, makes soup in washing machines and likes to sleep under trees.

In years gone by, he has tried his hand at stand up comedy, river kayaking and springboard diving - yes, we'd like to see the video footage of that too.




Rhys joined Lick Me I'm Delicious in 2014 after a succumbing to an Actor's eternal dilemma; to have, or not to have a 'real' job?'. 

He is our main camera wielding dude, can photograph a sitting lemon meringue pie from 1000 feet and has an unhealthy obsession with spreadsheets. He can play every instrument under the sun and often talks about a long lost football club called Swansea City. No, we have no idea what that is either.

When not at work, you will find Rhys smashing balls around on a golf course and shouting things like 'fore' and 'bogey'.  




Hedvig flew directly into Lick Me I'm Delicious from Oxford Brookes University. She has confirmed that Harry Potter's owl was named after her and not the other way around. She has quite a lot of unhealthy obsessions including drinking super-size cups of coffee, driving vans with four wheels, and folding aprons neater than the Queen's laundry service.

Hedvig is originally from Norway where she owned a welder and had a licence to drive snow mobiles and boats. In the UK, she has completed a degree in Business & Marketing Management and wore her cap the wrong way round for the entire graduation ceremony. Don't tell anyone we said that.




Contrary to popular belief, Alanya was not born in rural Ireland, but a small Oxfordshire village where she still resides with her pet tortoise, Frankie and Lord Harold the golden lab.

Alanya loves nothing more than to drink prosecco by the gallon and sees herself as a chocolate brownie connoisseur. When not working, she likes to travel, gaze lovingly at beautiful cars and recite the entire script of Monsters Inc.  Yes all of it.  Yes even the sound effects.  Yes.

When not drinking prosecco and scoffing brownies, Alanya spends her time going to self-help groups for her severe glitter addiction.  She has been battling this addiction for many years and can usually be located by following the trail of glitter she leaves behind.




In his younger days, Tom spent three summers working and travelling the United States as the Head Guard of a summer camp. After returning to Blighty and deciding a career in the army was not for him, he dabbled in the world of film. His top credit was as a background actor in Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban, where he can be seen eating a very large lollipop.

His next career move was somewhat more mainstream, to pursue a degree in Event Management. Solent University was the destination and he duly completed his course in 2018.

Tom is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie. He likes to throw himself off cliffs, buildings and anything else higher than an upside-down lamppost. A sky dive out a left-handed plane and a boat-trip to Asia are his next big conquests.