Charlie grew up on an ice cream farm in South Wales and has a long history of inventing weird and wonderful machines that go bing and bosh and blip.  He set up Lick Me I'm Delicious in 2011 building the first Nitro Parlour in his living room, then he built the nitro buggy, then the edible mist orbs, then a corby trouser press toasty maker, floss whizzers, electric tea cups and all sorts of bits and pieces. He's happiest when holding a screwdriver and a fork.  

Charlie has also worked on some TV shows, gives talks, makes soup in washing machines and likes to sleep under trees. 

For more information on Charlie, have a spongle on the link below




Rhys joined Lick Me I'm Delicious as a casual ninja but quickly graduated into a full time member of the team. He now heads up the Operations and you will more than likely see him running your event. Rhys has an unhealthy obsession with spreadsheets, can play every instrument under the sun and often talks about a long lost football club called Swansea City. No, we have no idea what that is either.

He is our main camera wielding dude and can photograph a sitting lemon meringue pie from 1000 feet.  He heads up all our mini freelance ninjas, smashes events out like a rockstar and has a dairy allergy, which is particularly helpful working with ice cream and chocolate.

When not at work, you will find Rhys smashing balls around on a golf course and shouting things like 'fore' and 'bogey'.  



EVENT & Client Relationship MANAGER

Jake is the newest member to the Lick Me I'm Delicious team and owns 50 cars. In past jobs he's been a speedboat stunt driver, worked on a flying trapeze, has harvested grapes in Australia and built log cabins with his bare hands.  

He's a fully qualified University event management wizard and you will most likely see him at your event helping Rhys make your event awesome.  

He also assists Charlie, trying to to translate scribbles on paper into real life functioning contraptions of deliciousness.  And he has his own chisel set.  

He's partial to a Bow Tie and this boy loves his trainers.