Lights, Camera, FLOSS!

We made Whirlwind Candyfloss for the lovely Emma Watson last night for the wrap party of her new film Beauty and the Beast (in Cinemas - 2017, Certificate - No idea, Popcorn available at the concession stand - damn right).  

She was absolutely charming and we are big fans.  As well as being a successful actress she is also Goodwill Ambassador for the UN check out her inauguration speech here, it's pretty awesome.  She is also now a fully fledged whirlwind floss twirling ninja, so you can't get much better than that.

The Most Awesome Wedding

We worked at a great wedding last week down in Surrey with the wonderful team at Principal Global Events.  An ENORMOUS marquee with 2000 people over two days and it was all very splendid.  Here are some photos of us all looking very serious and hard at work;

We made wedding inspired creams for all the guests using our nitro parlour and then got our spin on, twirling out personalised whirlwind floss for the bride and groom including strawberries & cream and apple pie and then someone bet us we couldn't spin out floss all the way across the room and then someone started limboing under the floss and then everyone started dancing and then everyone had a sugar low so then everyone ate more floss and we started all over again.  Good times.

Wimble Womble Wimbledon






Yes we had the pleasure of working at Wimbledon for the duration of the tournament serving (ahahah) delicious afternoon tea ice creams to 8000 hungry guests in the beautiful Gatsby Club.  

Working from a pristine custom built parlour we served out fresh eton mess, lemon meringue pies and all sorts of other delicious niceties alongside Albert Roux OBE who designed and developed the menus for all the incredible deliciousness that was on offer.  Good times.

Onnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee dudle da dee da da da

So the One Show came for a tour of our studio which was pretty fun. We made crab and candyfloss ice cream which was...delicious?  And then shot up to the BBC in London to make turkey sprout dinner ice cream for Stephen Merchant.  I think it's important to point out we do also make a very nice vanilla ice cream.  And yes that is Patrick Kielty in a dress.  You can watch the clip on the link below;

Golf Cream FORE

With a four iron birdie albatross parr driver into the rough, we tee'd off the BMW PGA Championships overlooking the eighteenth green making nitro cream for 1000 hungry golfers sand wedge.  (Ok I know nothing about golf, but I've been assured this is all legit golfing lingo).  Here's a shot of Rhys in action churning out the wares;


3M MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

3M the clever people behind Post it Notes and absolutely everything else in the World launched their new Innovation Centre and invited us along to make a load of branded edible inventiveness, here are some lovely looking pictures with a custom build parlour and colour branded mist;

Professor Brian Cox gave a great speech and then tried the mist which he said was 'brilliant, tell me how it works'.  We didn't tell him, a magician never shares his secrets.